Monday, January 20, 2014

I Heart Utah Quilt

I grew up in Texas but have lived in Utah for a long time so I really hope that I don't lose my Texas Membership card for making a Utah quilt before making a Texas quilt!

I got the design idea from my friend Natalie who had posted this adorable print on her blog.

I asked for permission to use her design to attempt making a quilt.  She gave it & I went to work figuring out just exactly how I was going to do this.  I had never worked with triangles before but I knew that the turquoise ombre from Simply Color by V and Co. would be perfect to use.  And after much trial & error I was able to come up with a plan of attack.

It took WAY longer to finish that I thought it would and I got extremely frustrated along the way.  Once I got it all sewn together, I hated it.  The points didn't line up like I thought they should and I was just sick of looking at it for long.  I didn't even bother trimming up the edges when I took it to Natalia to quilt it.  I told her to do whatever she wanted with it but her main job was to make me like it.  Let's just say, mission accomplished!

Here are some pictures from her blog  of her amazing machine quilting skills.


For the back I decided to make some ombre hexagons and really liked how it turned out.   Before I got it back from the quilter, I liked the back far better than the front.

Now when I look at the back, I have visions of bio hazard signs.  Hopefully my quilt isn't toxic but if there a nuclear emergency, I'll have to quilt to keep me warm!

I used the turquoise eyelet print from the Simply Style line by V and Co.  I like how her two lines went perfectly together.  

For the binding I went with the pink ombre to match the heart and quite enjoy the result.

And that's my "I Heart Utah" quilt.  My take away from this project....Don't be afraid to try something new & don't give up on a project even if you hate it.  You just might change your mind & love it so much that it becomes your favorite!

I'm pretty much in love with this quilt.  I can't believe I actually finished it & I did it all without a pattern.  Go me!


  1. Laura, you are amazing. I have been quilting a long long time and never have I attempted anything like this. You go girl!

  2. Laura... I would love to try and make this quilt for a friend whose newborn had heart surgery in Utah. Can you comment with some tips? Size of triangles ? It really is darling, and such a wonderful and creative idea!

  3. I love this quilt! I am moving away from Utah for graduate school next summer, and I would love to make a version of this quilt to take with me. Can you please send me the size of your triangles?